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  • 1. How do I store cannabis seeds long-term?
    We believe, under the correct conditions, you can preserve your favourite cannabis genetics for many years. We recommend storing seeds in a cool dark area: its important to keep humidity below 55% and temperature no lower than 0 degrees celcius. We recommend keeping seeds in the refrigerator, in an atmospherically sealed bags & container.
  • 2. Do you offer any guarantees on germination rates?
    Yes, we stand behind the quality of our seeds. If you encounter any issues with our seeds/plants, please contact us, we will work with you to ensure a positive growing experience. However, we cannot guarantee the germination under all conditions.
  • 3. Why choose feminized seeds? and why we supply them.
    Feminized seeds eliminate the need to identify and remove male plants, ensuring every plant in your garden is a high-yielding female. This simplifies the cultivation process, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced growers seeking maximum yields.
  • 4. Why is your seed selection so small compared to other online providers?
    We will introduce more seeds to our portfolio over time. We don't want to store dead-stock OR old seeds like larger providers. We also pick our seeds carefully based on Flavour, Medicinal purpose, Nostaglia and importantly - Genetics.
  • 5. Why choose KushKiez over many internationally known seed providers?
    We operate within Germany and supply from the largest brands. We also provide with fast shipping from Germany, so your parcel wont get lost, no long waits from international shipments. We work with the the same breeders to supply top delicious strains at consistent quality, potency, and reliability. Not to mention we are a small crew who enjoy cannabis and want to share its benefits with the wider community. We are so happy for you to become part of the Kiez.
  • 6. Can I trust the genetics of your strains?
    Save yourself scrolling through endless pages of strains - we pick the top strains from the source (and through experience) Our partners have dedicated years to refining seeds throughout USA, Netherlands and Spain. Perfecting the genetics of certain strains. We are confident in the stability and reliability of our hand-curated feminized seeds, providing you with a premium cannabis cultivation experience.
  • 7. Can I get cultivation advice specific to your feminized strains?
    Certainly! We refer you to detailed cultivation guides for each of our strains on our website. Of course external factors will play a large part in your cultivation success which you will learn over time. our We hope our referral link will help you optimize the growth and yield of your plants.
  • 8. How discreet is your packaging?
    We understand the importance of privacy. Our packaging is discreet, plain, and carefully sealed, ensuring that the contents remain confidential during shipping and delivery.
  • 9. What is your shipping policy?
    We strive to process and dispatch orders promptly. Shipping times may vary based on your location. Around the time of legalization we may experience some delays. All order are shipped from Germany and take 3-5 business days.
  • 10. How can I contact your customer support team?
    reach us at info@kushkiez,com or use our contacts page. Write to us about anything. We're here to provide you with the support you need for a successful cultivation experience.
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