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Feminized / 8-9 weeks / Indoor / Outdoor

Grow Difficulty: easy

Indoor Height: 70-110cm

Outdoor Height: 120-150cm

Flavour Profile: earthy, sweet, floral

THC Levels: 20-25%


Growing tips: Leafly How to Grow AK-47 (opens new window)


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  • This is the perfect plant for beginner growers, easy -easy. 

    The original AK-47 is believed to have originated back in the ‘70s, a cross between Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Aghani landraces which gave birth to an approximately 65% Sativa strain that had around 13-16% THC which was considered a lot back then, although nowadays strains have an average of around 25% THC so even though it was impressive back then, in these days it’s not.

    Despite being created in the 1970s, the strain didn’t come into existence until the early ‘90s, a biology student from Amsterdam found it as an unnamed strain in 1992 and continued to develop it further until 1999 when he made it available for purchase which then became a successful business 'Serious Seeds'.

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