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Feminized / 8-9 weeks / Indoor / Outdoor

Grow Difficulty: easy

Indoor Height: 60-120cm

Outdoor Height: 130-200cm

Flavour Profile: stinky, earth, moss

THC Levels: 15 - 20%


Growing tips: Stick Seeds How to Grow Cheese (opens new window)



  • If you have been a cannabis user for many years - you may be able to pick Cheese out of the bunch. Its 50/50 sativa/indica mix has one of the most unique flavour profiles:

    Smelly, mossy, peaty, earthy 

    The Origins of Cheese

    Back in the 1980’s a group of ravers and cannabis fans calling themselves The Exodus Collective discovered they had an exceptional individual plant when they grew out some Skunk #1 seeds.

    The Exodus Collective lived in a squatted Manor House just outside Luton where they were in the habit of growing plenty of weed. HAZ Manor as it was called was a hub for the free party scene along with an enthusiastic involvement in the campaign for the legalisation of pot.

    It was the Exodus Collective sound system, on the back of an ex-army truck, which led the legalisation marches through Brixton to Brockwell Park in South London in the early noughties.

    At this time the seed market was in its infancy and many growers exchanged cuttings, rather than growing from seed.

    It was 2002 when  the legendary UK based publication Red Eye Express obtained a cheese cutting.

    They crossed the female Cheese clone with a high-yielding Afghani male. The Afghani itself came from a large shipment that entered the UK during the 1980’s. After some time stabilished and perfecting the strain, the first Cheese seeds we born.

    If your are making a journey through a variaty of strains - this is a must to try.

  • Shipping to Germany  3-5 days and EU  7-10 days. Free Shipping for order over €50 only available in Germany.

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