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IN EFFECT FROM 01.04.2024

The law provides for the legal possession and consumption of cannabis for adults. Private cultivation, community non-commercial cultivation and the controlled distribution of cannabis by cultivation associations are now possible. The law makes it easier to use cannabis responsibly, according to the federal government's justification.


The law will allow adults to possess up to:

  • Adults will be allowed to cultivate 3 cannabis plants at their home residence.

  • In public spaces the maximum limit should be 25 grams.

  • 50 grams of cannabis for their own private consumption in a private space

  • The distribution of cannabis to adolescents between the ages of 18 and 21 is permitted at 30 grams per month with a THC content limit of ten percent. 

  • The consumption of cannabis is prohibited in a protection zone of 100 meters around cultivation associations as well as schools, children's and youth facilities, children's playgrounds and publicly accessible sports facilities.

  • So-called "COMMUNITY CULTIVATION ASSOCIATOINS" will be permitted a maximum of 500 members.

  • There is a public cannabis smoking ban from 7am-8pm - after 8pm you may smoke in public spaces

The fine for being found with more than 25g in public,  50g privately, or more than 3 plants per adult can carry a penalties of up to €30,000. 

If you are found driving while under the influence then your license will be revoked from a minimum of 1 month and a minimum fine of €500

A gradual entry into force of the reform is planned. The law as a whole is scheduled to come into force on April 1, 2024. However, the regulations for community cultivation in so-called cultivation associations are due to come into force on July 1, 2024.



Social clubs will come into effect, but it might take along time for the legislation and clubs to fully form. The idea is to de-profit the cannabis industry from large business and spread cannabis in a social direction - small communities. With a maximum of 500 members there will be many clubs.... can you join one? when? 

Anyone can start a social club - the right is not reserved to corporate business or the entrepreneur. To start a social club in Germany you must have a minimum or 7 members, you can then officially register yourself as a 'Social Club'. Each of the 7 founding members must have a respective job / function / share in the activities of the club such as finance, secretary, board member and he/she must register their role in the forming of the social club. Now, not all social clubs will be approved, there will be some bias to founding members who are working in association with or have a history the medical cannabis industry  however, knowing that there is not much history with cannabis in Germany, approval will happen for the serious cannabis social clubs that adheres to the national standards which will include trackability software - from seed - to harvest software's which help social clubs manage their cannabis, members and sale to members.  

Wait for a social club? or grow 3 plants at home - Join the KushKiez, Germany's online cannabis social club.


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