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Feminized / 8-10  weeks / Indoor / Outdoor

Grow Difficulty: easy 

Indoor Height: 80-100cm

Outdoor Height: 150-300cm

Flavour Profile: sweet aroma, cirtus, moss

THC levels: 13-18%

Green Crack

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  • Green Crack is a legendary sativa-dominant strain known for its invigorating effects and sharp, fruity flavor profile. Originally bred from Skunk #1, it also has potential Afghani landrace indica influences, which contribute to its balanced growth characteristics and robust nature. The strain is known for its vibrant green buds and an energetic, focused high that makes it popular among those seeking an uplifting daytime experience.


    Green Crack's origins can be traced back to the 1970s, when it was first developed in Athens, Georgia. It gained widespread popularity in the 1990s and was initially known as "Cush" or "Green Cush."


    While Green Crack may not have a long list of awards, it has achieved legendary status among cannabis enthusiasts for its exceptional quality and stimulating effects. Its widespread acclaim and enduring popularity speak to its reputation as a top-tier sativa-dominant strain.

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