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Feminized / 8-10 weeks / Indoor / Outdoor

Grow Difficulty: easy 

Indoor Height: 120-150cm

Outdoor Height: 140-170cm

Flavour Profile: berry, sweet, earth

THC levels: 16-21%


Growing tips: Leafly Purple Haze Grow Tips (opens new window)

Purple Haze

  • Purple Haze is a legendary cannabis strain known for its vibrant purple hue and euphoric effects. This sativa-dominant hybrid originated in the 1960s and gained widespread popularity for its unique combination of uplifting cerebral effects and subtle body relaxation. Its distinct aroma features a sweet and earthy scent with hints of berry and spice, making it both enticing and recognizable. 

    Purple Haze is a good choice for novice growers. Grow outside with healthy soil, or grow hydroponically. 

    This strain remains a beloved classic among cannabis enthusiasts for its unique appearance, flavorful aroma, and nostaglia.

    Purple Haze is origins are somewhat murky, but it's widely believed to be a cross between Purple Thai and Haze. Purple Thai is a landrace strain from Thailand known for its purple coloration and uplifting effects, while Haze is a sativa-dominant strain renowned for its potent spicy aroma.

    The strain does not always produce purple buds, but you can lower the temperature of your grow room or grow outside to coerce purple hues.

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